The Karven Clubhouse is a special level of housing. It is really luxury housing estate of premium class, which meets all world standards on a real estate of such level. Everything there is devoted to meeting the needs of tenants at high level.

The Karven Clubhouse has succeeded in bringing that idea - dwelling apartment house with five-star hotel services - to life, because the company always remarkable for unusual approach to projects: starting from construction, faultless high quality performance and ending with impressive result. Now we are safe to state that Karven Clubhouse is a flagship among deluxe housing in Kyrgyzstan.  

The housing estate building is of storeyed composition, which underlines the classic style’s dignity, its compactness and therewith it is a good sample of modern architecture.

The Karven Clubhouse meet all international standards of projecting and designing using ultramodern technologies and environmentally-friendly materials. Being comfortable, safe and independent on external factors, the house resembles a fashionable hotel. The only difference is that everyone living there are not guests, but owners.