There is a reception room, or as it is now fashionable to say reception, in the KARVEN Clubhouse like in a fashionable hotel. Bright, spacious neat hall with beautiful furniture, decorative fountains with illumination and fresh flowers - it is how the living room of the clubhouse looks like. This is exactly the living room, because we will not have the heart to call this comfortable space just as entrance as in our conventional wisdom.

Your apartment is your private space, but here, in a large living room, where there are private zones, you can arrange some pleasant bull sessions with neighbors or a business meeting with partners. 

There is a concierge in the reception room round-the-clock, who not only protects you against unwanted visitors, but also helps to solve any domestic problems. You can book a room in a restaurant, send clothes to dry cleaner order food delivery, find contacts of a required organization or firm, contact the repair service through the concierge. The service of maid is ready to clean your apartment at any time on your call or on an agreed schedule.  A concierge will carefully and responsibly treat each request of apartment owners - it is also a sort of the Clubhouse’s code.  

There is a well-maintained guarded yard with a beautiful and cozy summer house, modern children’s and sports grounds at the disposal of dwellers of the Clubhouse. The special pride of the KARVEN Clubhouse is the garden of exotic trees and plants chosen so that this home corner was green year round and delighted the eye. Some young plants were specially brought from abroad; they can be found only here. A specially hired service takes care of the garden.