The Small Italy Dry Cleaner is a partner of the KARVEN Clubhouse. This is not only professional dry cleaner, but also a high-grade shoe repair and clothes restoration shop.

The Small Italy network provides the following services:

Dry Cleaner and laundry:

  • individual laundry;
  • cleaning men’s suits;
  • cleaning evening and wedding dresses;
  • cleaning of leather goods;
  • cleaning of fur and sheepskin coats;
  • delicate manual cleaning of sheepskin coats and fur products;
  • cleaning curtains, portieres and other home textiles;
  • cleaning of baby carriages and car seats;
  • painting items made of natural fabrics;

Shoe-repair shop:

  • cleaning and painting of shoes;
  • heeling of shoes;
  • stretching shoes;

Restoration of clothes:

  • restoration;
  • taking in and shortening of items;
  • replacement of parts;

Our advantages:

  • your textiles are processed by modern, professional equipment of Italian manufacture.
  • we use only high-quality chemical and cleaning products that have approved themselves over a long period of use and meet all the necessary sanitary standards.
  • after cleaning all products are safe for humans and pets;
  • the concierge of the Clubhouse collects and delivers clothes;

Especially for tenants of the Clubhouse, the Small Italy Dry Cleaner offers:

  • dry cleaning, laundry with 30% discount;
  • restoration of items with 10% discount;
  • shoe repair with 10% discount;

We have at our disposal all the existing methods of cleaning, which allows us to process any, even very capricious delicate fabrics without discoloration. Therefore, if you value your time or do not want to part with your favorite clothes after the first domestic washing, please contact us. Prolong the life of your favorite clothes!