PROFUS Medical and Aesthetic Center is the partner of the KARVEN Clubhouse. It is the leading Center of laser cosmetology in Kyrgyzstan, which has combined the most highly qualified doctors, dermatocosmetologists - professionals, in treating appearance and figure.

PROFUS is the first medical Center that introduced the latest laser technologies in the market of cosmetology of Kyrgyzstan and is the only one for today in scope of technical equipment. 
Thanks to constant investment in the professional and technical base of the Center, it provides cosmetological assistance at the level of European clinics. 

All doctors of the Center are certified specialists in the field of dermatology and laser technologies. The most important distinctive feature of the Center is that dermatology and cosmetology are indivisible in management of patients. 
The Center uses ultramodern equipment of the world famous company Asclepion (Germany) in its activities.

Profus uses only advanced cosmetic means

  • Cosmeceutics Zein Obagi (the USA)
  • Tibeskin (Italy)
  • Premium cosmetics JUVENA (Switzerland)
  • Premium segment fillers and biorevitalizants Teosyal (Switzerland)
  • medicines to treat dermatomelasma M.E.Line (Spain)  

The Medical Center undertakes out all kinds of procedures: from treatment of dermatological diseases to correction of aesthetic defects:

  • Treatment of alopecia of various genesis;
  • Contour facial and body surgery;
  • Botulinum Toxin Therapy;
  • Fiber lifting (non-surgical face and body lifting); 
  • Full face laser resurfacing;
  • Pigmentation treatment;
  • Restorative medicine (postpartum, post-surgical, post traumatic);
  • Silhouette remodeling (laser lipolysis)
  • Body shaping (skin laxity, striate atrophy of skin, recovery after childbirth);
  • Sculpting of buttocks;
  • Enlargement and correction of thigh, sura;
  • Treatment of striae gravidarum and scars;
  • Preparation for plastic surgery;
  • Rehabilitation after plastic surgery;
  • Sports rehabilitation;
  • Programs for pregnant women; 
  • Treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating);
  • Laser intimate rejuvenation; 
  • Treatment of ringworm of nails;
  • Removal of permanent makeup and tattoos;

The PROFUS Medical Center provides 20% discount for tenants of the Clubhouse for:

  • Face and body rejuvenation;
  • Laser treatment of vessels and epilation;
  • Contour plastic surgery of lips, cheekbones, nose;
  • Removal of scars, striae gravidarum, pigment spots;
  • Correction of figure: non-surgical laser liposuction;
  • Intimate contour plastic surgery;
  • Removal of cellulite and linear atrophy;
  • Lymphatic drainage massage and other services;

Free of charge

  • Consultations of cosmetologist, dermatovenerologist and trichologist;
  • Diagnosis of skin, hair and nails;
  • Intravenous and intramuscular infusions;